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The reputation of a charity is tarnished by mismanagement of finances and that is something every charity trustee board worries about. This is why it so important to know that the charity's governance works on protection from financial risks.

Digi-Board provide unrivalled expertise in charity governance reviews designed specifically for charity and not for profit organisations. The governance review is based on the Charity Code of Governance (the 'Code') available as a comprehensive online questionnaire. It is designed for the board and senior leadership team (SLT) to examine how the charity is performing its governance assessed against the seven principles of the Code. In addition to the Code, it assesses board behaviours and culture, fundraising, data privacy under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), cyber security and application of digital technologies.

The questionnaire is highly suited to use by accounting professionals when conducting a governance review. It removes the grunt work of data collection, analysis and crushes the time and cost ordinarily associated with this activity. Computer-generated analysis of the data collected is presented as charts and data allowing you to immediately identify how you can assist your client to strengthen their governance. As the data is collected raw from each participant (its is anonymous), it is irrefutable in support of discussing its contents with the board.

The added value for you as an accounting professional is that the platform stores the data for reuse. This way, it allows the construct of a year-on-year/multi-year comparison (provided there is an active subscription), and keeps you connected with the charity's on-going programme of governance.

Digi-Board's offer to accounting firms is:

1. A margin earned on the sale of a subscription or referral to Digi-Board offering your firm a recurring revenue opportunity.

2. Referrals to Digi-Board customers seeking accounting services.

3. Customisation of the governance report in your house style.

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