Corporate Supporters

Let Digi-Board streamline your due diligence

Many businesses support charities under their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) charter. There are different ways in which that support is provided; through fundraising, sponsorship and volunteering. Competition among charities to win the support of a corporate supporter is intense and therein lies an opportunity for corporate sponsors to support the Charity Commission's drive to encourage good governance practice across the charity and not for profit sector.

Conversations held by Digi-Board with corporate supporters reveals various approaches to the evaluation of a charity and in most cases the rigour of that evaluation is to a lower standard than would be applied to a supplier in a supply chain. It is tempting to justify that as a charity is not a supplier, and yet there exists potential financial and reputational risks.

Asides from the vital aid to the charity our conversations also revealed the desire of corporate supporters to support the charity's sustainability so leaving the charity in a stronger position when the arrangement comes to an end.

Digi-Board has developed a method to meet a consistent level of due diligence by a corporate sponsor on a charity to be supported that also addresses the development of the charity's sustainability. Click here to download our paper on good practice for selection of a charitable cause.

To learn more about how we can support your charitable work please click here to get in contact with us. Thank you.