Cracking the Code

At Digi-Board our aim is to demystify governance for charities by making it simple to understand and to assist those charities who have little governance experience on their boards.

The Charity Code of Governance (the 'Code') provides guidance to the board of trustees as to what is expected of them. For many charities the challenge is to know 'how well are we doing' to achieve alignment with the Code.

Digi-Board’s self-assessment governance review allows your charity to measure it’s progress by educating the board in the practical application of the Code by asking questions; 'How well do we……..?' and 'We could do better at………?' . This unique approach challenges the board to actively think about the practical implications of current governance practices.

The Digi-Board review is non-judgemental. It highlights aspects of your charity's governance that need attention and indeed your strengths.

Guidance from the Charity Commission is abundantly clear in its statement: “As a sector, we owe it to our beneficiaries, stakeholders and supporters to demonstrate exemplary leadership and governance."

The way forward presents choices about how to assess how well your charity’s practices align with ‘the Code’.

You could read the 26 page Charity Code of Governance document yet be none the wiser about interpreting ‘the Code’ to know if your charity is a model of good governance


The trustees (and where relevant nominated executives) can complete the Digi-Board online questionnaire. It takes each participant about 30 - 40 minutes and your charity will receive a detailed report assessing your governance. The report gives rich analysis of your charity’s performance against the principles of the Code. It also provides insights about the use of digital, General Data Protection Regulation (data privacy), fundraising activity as well as board behaviours and culture.

Click here to view example pages of the Digi-Board report.