Customer Stories

Darren Shirley, chief executive at Campaign for Better Transport, thinks that Covid-19 means charities now need to govern and manage at a different pace. “They need to be confident that we are viable, especially with funding being withdrawn. When reimagining our future, what is clear is the need for a governance structure that ensures the engagement of the board. Trustees need awareness of the situation, to take ownership of decisions, and to have an active overview to comply with their legal duties. The board needs to be clear-sighted and respond appropriately.”

Roger Harrison, Trustee at Chichester Cinema at New Park and home to the Chichester Film Festival. “We had a new chair who got the importance of governance. We also had some new trustees, bringing skills and business experience, and an impetus to change. When I joined the board a year ago, a full overhaul of governance seemed too big a job for one person. Against this background, Digi-Board helped the cinema to formulate a plan for the following 12 months. Harrison says that Digi-Board’s solution was attractive as it utilised ‘a gold standard’, linked to the Charity Governance Code, which made it had hard for people to disagree with.

Miles Lloyd, Trustee at Age UK Lancashire. “The ease and simplicity of completing the process doesn’t impact negatively on the detail and depth of the summary report, which I found to be very informative. It really stimulated honest open debate at both board and senior management levels. I loved the way in which it helped us understand our strengths and developmental areas, and shone the light into some dark corners, helping us think more laterally about areas for improvement.“For me the biggest on-going benefits will be an ability to use Digi-Board as part of a ‘plan-do-check-act’ approach to continuous improvement across the organisation, and to be able to benchmark against our peer community to better understand where we are.”