Cyber Security

Protecting your charity from financial and reputational harm

Defences against cyber attacks are numerous and the evaluation of risk by one organisation will be different to that of another. What every organisation has in common is to protect their own digital assets from cyber attack and demonstrate to those it has business with that it has taken precautions to defend against cyber threats. Organisations do not discuss in detail how they defend against cyber attack as that would be like showing someone where you hide your keys.

Digi-Board governance reviews routinely reveal a lack of understanding of the implications of not adequately allocating resources to cyber security. For example, high confidence in an organisation's competency in GDPR would need corresponding high confidence in cyber security and our governance review will expose this disparity.

To give confidence to those that deal with you that you are proactive in your commitment to defend cyber threats you need a publicly recognised accreditation promoted by the National Cyber Security Centre funded by UK Government and known as Cyber Essentials.

If you are a charity involved in the delivery of services commissioned by the government then it is mandatory to have Cyber Essentials accreditation. Click here for more information and check if your suppliers have accreditation.

There are numerous providers offering Cyber Essentials accreditation and so Digi-Board has evaluated the different service offerings to locate one that is least intrusive on the work of the charity and guarantees your charity will achieve accreditation. Click here to make an enquiry.