Digital and Governance come together

A point of view from Helen Michaels CEO and Co-Founder Digi-Board Limited.
In a report title: Third Sector Digital Maturity: A Benchmark, it reported on the maturity of the use of digital across a number of ways that digital can be applied.

The sample size is small (137 sampled) in a sector that has over 187,000 charities. That aside it it is a starting place.

Charity Digital Code

The Charity Digital Code has seven principles and the first principle is:
So charity leaders, the trustees and Senior Leadership Team, are in pole position to take the lead. Both have a governance responsibility and where they use digital to assist with their governance of the charity that positively demonstrates the fulfillment of the Leadership principle.

The solution is?

The Digi-Board online governance review. It satisfies the Leadership principle AND delivers charity leaders a comprehensive report on the governance of their charity assessed against the Charity Governance Code. And so, Digital and Governance come together. Click here to learn more.