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How is Digi-Board priced?

The Digi-Board service is a subscription service with a renewable term of 12 months. The service is available to use anytime during the term of an active subscription. Digi-Board will remind you by email of the approaching anniversary of your service. With the renewal of the service all data relating to the past term(s) is retained to allow period on period comparisons to monitor progress of your charity's governance. This is a benefit of Digi-Board and of great assistance to your charity reporting on its governance.

What if the subscription is not renewed?

To comply with our obligations under GDPR any Personal Identifiable Information data will be held for a grace period of thirty days after which it will deleted and not recoverable.

Who can use the Digi Board survey?

The Digi-Board survey has been designed as a self-assessment tool for the Board of Trustees (or equivalent) of charities and Not-For-Profit organisations.

What browsers are supported?

IE8+ for Windows 7+; Firefox 35.0+ for Windows 7+ and Mac OS X; Safari 7.1+ for Mac OS X and iOS; Chrome 41.0+ for Windows 7+. It is recommended that you use a computer or tablet to complete the questionnaire as it is not suitable for use with smartphones.

What does the survey assess?

The survey assesses the effectiveness of the Board of Trustees in its governance of the charity in relation to the principles of the charity sector's code of governance (3rd edition July 2017) as well as insights about the use of digital, General Data Protection Regulation (data privacy), fundraising activity as well as board behaviours and culture.

Why use a questionnaire?

Simply put – it’s an easy way to get an independent assessment of how the Board of Trustees governs the charity. It is quick and cost-effective and the report remains entirely confidential to the Board.

Who will be asked to complete the survey?

The chair (or equivalent), individual Trustees (or equivalent) and anyone who is a member of the Board will be invited to participate e.g. where relevant the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary or equivalents.

Who decides on who will participate?

This is at the sole discretion of the charity/NFP. An ‘administrator’ should be nominated who will be responsible for overseeing the survey for your organisation.

What about confidentiality?

Individual responses to the questionnaire will not be seen by nor be identifiable to any other participant. This anonymity encourages participants to be authentic in their responses unaffected by any politics.

How long does it take to complete the survey?

Typically 30 minutes depending on the number of comments made. You can pause and return at a later time to complete the survey. It does not have to be completed in a single sitting.

When will we get the results?

As soon as the administrator closes the survey the report is produced and delivered via email to the chair and/or the administrator.

How can we use the results?

The results are presented in an easy to understand report that compiles all responses in aggregate as graphs with commentary. The primary purpose of the report is to inform the Board's discussions about: What do we need to do to improve our charity’s governance? . This is based on the input of each participant leaving the Board to decide on how to deal with the issues flagged for attention.

How do you complete the survey?

A unique link to access the survey will be sent via email. The survey is easily completed by clicking on the multiple-choice responses to each question with option to add comments.

What about data protection?

All data will be processed in accordance with prevailing data protection law, currently The Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please contact us if you have questions as we have on staff a person qualified to give advice on data protection.

What happens if some of the Trustees choose not to complete the survey?

That is not a problem although the report will not reflect the collective view of the Board. It can only reflect the views of those who submitted their completed questionnaires. It is suggested the Chair deals with any reservations prior to committing to the survey. The survey is a tool to protect the Board and help it to achieve the standard of governance that is expected of it by the Charity Commission and that relies on the commitment of the whole Board. It is non-judgemental. It also supports the board to explain how it conducts the evaluation of its governance and board effectiveness.

How often do we need to do this?

It is often said that governance is a process and not a one-time event. An annual survey can assist the Board in understanding the progress it is making with its governance. Having a year on year comparison available will also satisfy the Charity Commission’s reporting requirements under the code.

This is an off the shelf product – how is this relevant to our organisation?

It is a bespoke product designed by experts in governance with detailed attention to match it to the requirements of the charity sector and the Charity Code of Governance (July 2017).

Do you work with consultants who specialise in governance for the third sector?

Digi-Board partner with consultants who use the survey in the delivery of their services. Use the contact form indicating your town and county and we will gladly make an introduction.

Can we benchmark ourselves with other charities/NFP’s?

Yes upon request. Many Digi-Board customers ask about this and we provide a way for your charity to compare its governance mapped against 65 data points from your completed survey with anonymised data collected from other completed surveys. Note: We never provide benchmarking against named charities.