For Larger Charities

The Digi-Board online self-assessment is based on the latest code of governance for larger charities specifically designed to support the board's appraisal of the governance of the charity under the Code for peace of mind.

The trustee board of a charity has many responsibilities and the agenda of governance matters because to quote the Charity Commission; ‘it enables charities to better meet their beneficiaries’ needs’.

For larger charities (with an income more than £1M per year) the code of governance specifies:

The board reviews its own performance and that of individual trustees, including the chair. This happens every year, with an external evaluation every three years. An evaluation typically considers the board’s balance of skills, experience and knowledge, its diversity in the widest sense, how the board works together and other factors relevant to its effectiveness. It is a requirement of the code for the board to explain in the governance statement of the trustees’ annual report, how it reviews the performance of the board. This is simplified with the output from the Digi-Board online self-assessment once completed.

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