Step by Step

7 easy steps to set-up your charity's governance review

Step 1

Choose Questionnaire

Charity’s “administrator” completes online purchase

Select online questionnaire for size of your charity

Charity decides participants & period for governance review e.g. year

Step 2

Easy Set Up

Charity sends introductory email to participants click here for example template

Charity’s administrator adds participant details & review dates using online tools

Step 3

Participants Access Questionnaire

Questionnaire distributed online with end date for submission

Participants get welcome email to proceed to questionnaire

Participants set own password to login & access questionnaire

Step 4

Questionnaire Completed Online

Participants complete questionnaire and submit when completed

Participants sent email confirming successful submission of questionnaire

Step 5

Results Analysed

Anonymised responses grouped to provide collective results

Reports with ratings, issues flagged and comments available online to view/download

Step 6

Reporting Results

Option Comprehensive report sent to nominated charity official

Option Consultation arranged with Digi-Board to explain results

Step 7

Optional Services

Other services available on request e.g. consultancy, board presentation, facilitated discussion etc.