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You can conduct a governance review while observing government guidelines.

Leaders in online governance reviews for charity and not-for-profit organisations

We assist boards to modernise governance so
they can do more for the causes they care about

At Last

The convenient and cost-effective way to conduct a governance review


Saves time & money

Cost-effective governance reviews available online wherever you are


Comprehensive review

Assesses the critical factors that support good governance


Learn as you go

Unique structure of questionnaires explain how to achieve best practice governance


Brings peace of mind

Results provide assurance highlighting governance strengths and issues that need attention

We have worked with organisations of all sizes and governance maturity

  • SU - Digital Charity Governance Review
  • Habitat for Humanity Online governance review for charity - NFP
  • TEMPO Online governance review for charity - NFP
  • BCH Online governance review for charity - NFP
  • YMCA Online governance review for charity - NFP
  • Novi Most Online governance review for charity - NFP

The digital solution to modern governance

Software has changed so many aspects of how we work and the idea of going back to the old way of doing things s is unthinkable.

Digi-Board uses the latest technology to support boards to execute their governance duties. Our solution becomes your system of record for the assessment and on-going monitoring of your governance.

It provides the answer to the question: Are we on top of our game? Digi-Board informs your board on what it needs to know in its pursuit of good governance.