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Here is how you can achieve good governance.

A tried and tested approach that delivers what you need to know about your governance.
Our five step journey takes the hassle out of conducting a governance review.

Step 1 - Lay down your governance agenda

A governance review underpins the achievement of the charity's aims and purposes.

Are your board and executive teams united in doing everything in their power to uphold good governance?

Are they aware of what your governance strengths and weaknesses are and, what actions need to be taken?

Don’t be put off by the word governance just because it takes “too much time” or you’re not sure about the potential benefits of a review. There are many. Stand out from the crowd and make the statement that you take the governance of your organisation seriously.

Completing an annual governance review demonstrates your commitment to run your organisation according to best practice. It builds trust in your organisation and reputation. What value do you put on that?

Step 2 - Start Up Your Review

It’s quick and easy to set up your governance review

First, consider who should participate. This can be the board only (trustees or Non-Executive Directors (NED’s)) or the Board and senior leadership team (STL). When you are ready go to the Pricing page to start the process to activate your governance review.

Participants will need a computer with Internet connection. They will receive an email with a link to the questionnaire and date for completion.  The questionnaire is available 24/7 and typically takes 30 to 40 minutes to complete. It does not have to be completed in one go.

Participants can save their responses and come back at a later time to complete and submit their responses as long as these are submitted before the completion date. Note – all responses to the questionnaire remain anonymous to protect participant confidentiality.

Step 3 - Complete The Questionnaire

A small investment of time with big payback

The questionnaire is designed to maximise participation irrespective of a participant’s experience of governance or knowledge of the the relevant governance code e.g. Charity Governance Code.

Responses from each participant are collated to reveal the collective view of a charity or not-for-profit’s governance. This is assessed by interpreting the factors critical to good governance against a code’s principles. Optional topics can be added where they are relevant to your organisation. The optional topics evaluate the governance principles for safeguarding, fundraising, and committees.

A key outcome of the review is to provide a collective view about the organisation’s governance and it’s strengths and weaknesses.

Unique question structure gets to heart of governance!

Step 4 - View Results

Know your governance strengths and weaknesses

Powerful data analytics work in the background to aggregate all responses to the questionnaire. Responses are collated into charts, graphs and other data that can be viewed online immediately after the review is closed.

Digi-Board, also provide additional services which can be purchased online. These include a confidential report that interprets the results to give insights about your governance as well as a consultation to explain and support interpretation of the results. Both can be purchased together with the questionnaire or separately.

A key outcome of the review is that it provides a collective view of the organisation’s governance strengths and weaknesses. This in turn, informs the content for the constructive discussion about the actions needed for continuous improvement of governance and the setting of your organisation’s governance priorities.

Step 5 - Prioritise Actions

Consider what actions to take to improve your governance

A Digi-Board governance review will quickly get you to the place you want to be – to know the priority actions you need to take to improve your governance.

This is a major breakthrough for organisations struggling with the complexity of governance. The Digi-Board review is a point in time review of your governance for any period – typically a year. It can be repeated to check progress with period-on-period comparisons automatically generated when purchasing a follow-on review.

Your governance review is quick and efficiently completed with the Digi-Board’s unique question structure and powerful software to analyse the results – your governance review made easy, the way it should be.

‘The Digi-Board tool and resulting report have proved an extremely effective way to review our governance practice and identify areas of current strength, as well as those we can improve further.

The quality and depth of data that comes out is very helpful, as is having an independent, expert perspective to interpret the results and make recommendations. I would certainly encourage others to undertake a Digi-Board review.’
Chief Executive
Lewis-Manning Hospice

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