Online governance review

Are you ready to start your online governance review?
Gain comprehensive insights to your charity's governance
Includes 12 participants, equivalent to £83 per participant
Add more participants at £60 each
Results online to view/download/print
24/7 access, Internet required

Extra Participants

Additional participants
More than 12 participants?
Choose this option to add more
Recommendation: include all trustees and senior leadership team (SLT)
Inclusion of all trustees and SLT enhances reporting and insight to governance

Online Consultation

2 hour online consultation to discuss output from your charity's governance review
By telephone or choice of conferencing service e.g Skype/Zoom/Microsoft Teams
Face to Face consultation not currently available

Custom Report

Customised report for your charity
Detailed analysis and recommendations for improving your charity's governance
Highly suitable for distribution with board pack
Ideal for 3 year external evaluation and trustees annual report