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The Clue to Good Governance

Digi-Board reviews clearly show that the relationship between the Board and the Executive is crucial to  achieving good governance in a charity or not-for-profit organisation. 

In simple terms, the Board and the Executive need to be clear about their respective roles and who does what. Governance is at its best when both understand how to apply governance principles to lead the organisation effectively as shown in the diagram below.

Good Governance VEN Diagram

What does a Digi-Board review assess?

Digi-Board’s questionnaires are based on the relevant third sector governance code. Each of these is designed to maximise participation irrespective of a participant’s experience or knowledge of the relevant governance code e.g. for charities we base questionnaires on the Charity Governance Code.

Charity Governance Code

A Digi-Board review evaluates this relationship and how the Trustee Board and Executive work together to fulfil the organisations’ purpose.

Comprehensive insight into your charity or not-for-profit's governance

Assess your governance with our online questionnaire. Custom analytics generate results unique to your organisation.

Click on the images to enlarge and see how we deliver the information you need for your governance agenda.


Engaging and thought provoking questions

Our unique questionnaire helps respondents think through the evaluation of governance. 

Designed to make you think about the next steps towards helping your team learn about what good governance looks like.

"It is more than just a questionnaire it made me think you have to get the governance mindset right."
Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity


Deliver clarity and focus for discussion.

Results from the questionnaire highlight the most important governance issues. This represents the views and opinions of the participants and shape the recommendations and actions that follow.

Helps highlight where you need to focus your attention.

Visual results that are easy to understand.

Focused imagery

Interpreted for factual discussions.

Enable the board and your senior leadership team to drill down into the views and perceptions of different groups.

Enables your team to set governance priorities.


Points to governance imperatives.

Detailed data is available for all governance topics.

Identify where to focus examination of your governance.

"It gave us confidence to make changes in manageable chunks and offered momentum."
Chichester Cinema

Summing Up

How well are we doing?

An overall assessment about the organisation’s purpose, governance and reputation and how this impacts on fundraising efforts.


Evaluating progress.

How do you stack up with your governance?

We provide benchmarking of all governance topics for comparison.

"With Digi-Board we can benchmark against our peer community to better understand where we are."
Lancashire Age UK
Lancashire Age UK

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