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Our story is a common one of having an idea that would fill a gap in the market and a series of chance encounters and conversations.

The founders Helen and Frank met on the Financial Times’s Non-Executive Director diploma course where they gained a deep understanding of the importance of good governance in organisations. At their graduation, they talked about offering online surveys to support boards of charity and not-for-profit organisations to self-assess their approach to governance – especially with governance being such a hot topic.

The pair started researching the sector and the appetite for a digital solution for governance. They found a sector mired in controversy at that time undermining public trust and confidence, harming the reputation of the sector with the knock-on impact on fundraising. The high profile media attention with the failure of Kids Company and the sad case of Olive Cooke highlighted poor governance as a common theme. An intervention was clearly timely and it was then a question, what intervention.

In July 2017 a revised code of governance (now in its 3rd edition) was launched with support of the Charity Commission and the UK government in recognition of the importance to society of having a strong, sustainable and well run third sector. Governance is not an easy discussion for everyone so we set about making it more understandable using a questionnaire to reveal how to put good governance into practice. Our approach is educational and sets the scene for thinking about governance as a process for quality improvement. In that context it is a discussion that is easier to participate in and relate to; after all an enlightened organisation will pay attention to its improvement.

In response to the availability of the code of governance it was decided we partner with a specialist governance firm in the City of London to offer an affordable digital solution for governance in keeping with the Charity Commission's drive to encourage charities to adopt digital services.

Digi-Board was born - a digital (online) self-assessment service that supports trustees to learn about and develop their understanding of their duties and responsibilities and most importantly deliver good governance for their charity.

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