Your Governance Review

We set out to challenge the way that charities and not-for-profit boards think about governance and so we created an online questionnaire to make it accessible to everyone. irrespective of their experience of governance or understanding of the
Charity Code of Governance.

When everyone is mindful of the importance of governance and contributing to the discussion then you build the foundations of trust in your charity.

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Questionnaire - Engaging and thought provoking questions

Our unique questionnaire structure helps respondents think through the evaluation of governance. "It is more than just a questionnaire it made me think you have to get the governance mindset right'. Click on image to enlarge 
Click on image to enlarge

Charts - deliver clarity and focus for discussion

Graphical presentation allows fast interpretation of the results of the questionnaire. The most frequently flagged issues, together with participant's comments add context to the analysis. This contributes to a deeper understanding of the views and opinions that shape the recommendations and actions that follow. Click on image to enlarge.

Data - interpreted for factual discussions to drive good governance

Heat maps are generated from the responses to the questionnaire to show what is working and what needs attention. Aggregated responses of participants show the collective view of the charity's current state of governance. It gives everyone a voice supporting the collective responsibility of the board. Click on image to enlarge.

Focus - data analysis points to governance imperatives

With time at a premium the priority is to focus on what is truly important to meeting the aims of your charity. Click on image to enlarge.

Insightful - to the development of a high performance team

With so many aspects of governance affecting the charity meeting its aims and purposes, deep insight to target what is important is vital. Click on image to enlarge.

Summing up - the big takeaway

The chart that everyone remembers is the 'How are we doing" conclusion. It demonstrates the link between the governance of the charity, its reputation and in turn influence on fundraising. Every charity that has completed a Digi-Board governance reviews falls in love with this chart. Click on image to enlarge.

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